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   Washburn offers a free online program, IonTuition, for students to access tools and resources to manage money and get on track to paying back student loans. First-year students at Washburn will receive coaching as part of their WU101 course on how to navigate their expenses and use money wisely.
MyMoney Five
In order to be fiscally responsible, we recommend these five principals to help analyze your personal finances and develop a personal budget:
To realize your spending habits, make a budget to use your money wisely. A budget allows you to compare your expenses with your paycheck.
This principle focuses on the amount you are paid through work. Learn how your paycheck is broken down, with deductions for taxes (federal and state) and withholdings (insurance, retirement).
Save & Invest
It is important to have a savings account at a bank or credit union, so it is easy to save. The key element to saving is keeping track of your monthly budget. The money you save in your budget can be used for reaching your savings goals.
Identity theft is a serious issue in our digitally connected world. Keep yourself protected by properly managing financial records, changing your passwords frequently and setting up alert notifications with your bank or credit union. Consider backup plans for a crisis by having insurance for health, car, rental and other types of emergencies.
It is important to know when to borrow, how much to borrow and if you are borrowing at accurate interest rates and terms. Borrowing can be a valuable tool, especially to obtain major purchases (i.e., car, house or education). Monitor your credit score at
       SAVE & INVEST

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