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  Components of Bachelor’s Degree
University Requirements: This part consists of six hours of English composition (EN101 and EN300), a Math course (MA112 or MA116, or higher) and WU101: The Washburn Experience. All degrees require these four courses.
General Education: There are three categories in General Education: Humanities, Social Sciences and Natural Sciences/Math. Every Washburn degree requires a combination of courses in each of these three areas to fulfill the General Education requirements and provide every student with a well-rounded education.
NOTE: No more than six (6) hours may be counted for General Education credit from any one discipline, except in Biology, Chemistry, Physics or Mathematics, where up to eight (8) hours may be counted if earned in two separate General Education courses. A sample of General Education courses can be found on the following page.
Major Requirements: These courses are specific to your degree program. Each major has its own requirements to maximize what you learn about your field of study.
Electives/Minor: To encourage you to explore your academic options and potential, you have room in your degree to take additional classes outside of your major and/or declare a minor. Most degree programs allow you to explore course options outside of your major.
     Electives/ Minor
General Education
University Requirements
    Major Requirements
*Degree requirements pictured are based on a standard, four-year Bachelor of Arts degree. Degree programs may vary. To see all degree plans, visit

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