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    Ambassadors are the students who work for Admissions and represent the University by giving tours and assisting new students when they’re on campus for a visit.
Bods – that’s us! A shortened name for Washburn’s mascot, the Ichabod. Forever an Ichabod!
Bod Bucks are dollars on your iCard that you can spend at several places on campus, including the Corner Store, Ichabod Shop, residence hall laundry facilities, concessions and vending machines.
Bod Squad is the student-led spirit group on campus. You can become a member and get a lot of great perks for only $10!
CAB is the Campus Activities Board – a group of students who help plan and sponsor great events on campus throughout the year.
The College refers to the College of Arts and Sciences.
Corner Store is located on the main level of the Union and is a full-service convenience store.
FAFSA is the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. You must complete the FAFSA each year, as soon as possible beginning Oct. 1, to qualify for federal grants, loans and work study. The priority date is Nov. 15.
FYE stands for First Year Experience, the office that houses WU101 and sponsors many other campus events that focus on making your first year great.
GenEd refers to a course that fulfills a General Education degree requirement.
iCard is your Washburn Student ID.
Ichabod Shop is located in the lower level of the Union and is the best place to get your books and all of your Washburn swag.
Lee Arena is where you can catch all of the basketball and volleyball games! It’s also where you will walk across the stage at graduation.
LinC – Learning in the Community is an office that provides numerous opportunities for you to get involved in the Topeka community.
LLC is the Living Learning Center, the residence hall located adjacent to the Union.
PEs, or Peer Educators, are the students who co-facilitate the WU101 classroom experience and are a great resource for all new students.
RAs are the Resident Assistants who live in your hall and can assist you with just about anything – they’re your guide to on-campus living!
The Rec is the Student Recreation and Wellness Center, also called the SRWC.
OSID is Office of Student Involvement and Development – located in the lower level of the Union.
SAS refers to the School of Applied Studies.
SOCs are Summer Orientation Counselors – students who will guide you through your orientation and Welcome Week events. Just look for their bright shirts!
WIN is your Washburn Identification Number and can be found printed on your iCard.
WSGA is the Washburn Student Government Association – students who are elected to represent your best interests around campus.
WUAD is the user name that you will use to access any on-campus computers.
WUPD is the Washburn University Police Department, which can be reached at 785.670.1153.
What is an Ichabod?
Founded in 1865, Washburn University is named after Ichabod Washburn, a Massachusetts philanthropist who championed abolition, advanced education for women and helped fund the young college. The tailcoat-clad Ichabod is now one of the country’s most distinctive mascots!
To BE AN ICHABOD means emulating the qualities of our early benefactor Ichabod Washburn. Acclaimed graphic artist and 1934 Washburn graduate Bradbury Thompson designed our mascot, saying that the stylized Ichabod reflected “... courage and enthusiasm, as shown by his
brisk walk. He is democratic and courteous, for he tips his hat as he passes. Sincere in his search for truth and knowledge, he studiously carries a book under his arm ...”

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