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  Account Information
To access MyWashburn, Desire2Learn (D2L), Washburn email and campus computers, you will use
To retrieve account information, use the “Account Activation Form” located through MyWashburn. Enter your Washburn Identification Number (WIN) and your Account Activation Code (AAC) to display account information. This page will display your full email address and initial password. To access campus computers, MyWashburn, D2L and Washburn email, you will use your full Washburn email address and your new password.
Set Your Password
Visit and log on with your Washburn email address and password to enroll in the Washburn Password Management solution for campus. The system will enroll you in the management system so that if you ever forget your password, you can visit to have your password sent to your alternate email or cell phone.
Wireless Access
Wireless access is available throughout the campus. To connect to the Washburn wireless network, use a web browser on your mobile device. Any one person can register four devices on the network.
• ConnecttotheWashburnwirelessID
• Useawebbrowsertoconnecttoawebsiteandyouwillbedirectedtothe registration page
• EnteryourWashburnemailaddress(i.e.,
• EnteryourpasswordusedforMyWashburn,D2Loremail
• Restartthedeviceandyoushouldbeconnectedtothewirelessnetwork
  Information Technology Services
Help Desk: Bennett 104 785.670.3000
Desire2Learn (D2L)

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