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  University Diversity and Inclusion provides diversity and cultural programming, advises multicultural student organizations, coordinates accommodations for students with disabilities, supports Washburn’s LGBTQ+ and non-traditional students, and certifies military education benefits.
Military Educational Benefits: To apply and establish entitlement for Veterans Administration (VA) educational benefit programs, the applicant should contact or visit University Diversity and Inclusion or call the VA at 1.888.442.4551.
Accommodations: Qualified students with disabilities must register with the office to be eligible for services, with current documentation on file in order to provide services. Services are identified to meet the needs of individuals based on their specific disabilities (e.g., depression, physical or learning disability) and may include note-takers, test-readers/ scribes, adaptive technology training, braille materials or other necessary accommodations.
  University Diversity & Inclusion
Morgan Hall 105

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